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Looking for Information about 1. Zug Leibgendarmerie

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Good afternoon,

I am rather new to this type of research and forum, and I would appreciate any and all help that is given.

I am trying to find information about the 1. Zug Leibgendarmerie (the Kaiser's LifeGuard Cavalry Regiment). I know that the 1. Zug was an elite unit composed entirely of NCOs, the pick of all the cavalry units of the Prussian army. The 1. Zug became known as the Liebgarde der Kaiser because they always accompanied the emperor on maneuvers and during travel. They were stationed at Potsdam and also wore the Stahlgrun

(dark steel green) waffenrock w/ kornblumenblau (cornflower blue) collar & Polish cuffs with glib (yellow) Litzen, or gilt Litzen for officers. They wore the Silver Hohenzollern Garde-Helm w/ Gilt Parade-Eagle on top and Silver Garde Star and not the pickelhauben like most Garde units.

I believe that my Greatgrand Father was a member of the unit, so any info as to the history and background of the Leibgendarmerie would be helpful.

Gott mit uns,


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