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The Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians).

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The Leinsters were disbanded in 1922, in accordance with Army Order 78/1922

The "normal" bi-metal pattern of their cap badge, the coronet & name scroll in gilding metal, the remainder in white metal (Kipling & King 699):

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A WWI variation on the above badge. Kipling & King show it as K & K 700, & note simply that it has a different form of coronet.

They don't mention that it has different motto scrolls on the Prince of Wales's badge.

This badge is in fact the cap badge of the Welsh Regiment, but instead of having the curved "THE WELSH" scroll in gilding metal fitted beneath the plumes, it has the Leinsters straight scroll bearing "THE LEINSTER".

Instead of the white metal feathers extending beneath the name scroll, it has gilding metal or brass ones, struck as part of the name scroll.

The manufacturer has simply cut the bottom of the feathers from Welsh Regiment badges that he had or produced with an existing die, & either used an existing die which stamped out the Leinsters name scroll & quill tips as one piece in yellow metal, if such a die existed, or made one.

There were 32 battalions of the Welsh Regiment in WWI, only 7 of the Leinsters, so economical sense to the manufacturer, but it's surprising that he seems to have got away with this one.

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