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Generaloberarzt a.D. Dr. W. Krause

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I start collecting old Baedecker's guidebook's last year and got a Southern Italy book with a address stamp from Generaloberarzt a.D. Dr. W. Krause in it. The stamp show that he live in " Apfelkam Post: Achenm?hle bei Rosenheim in Oberbayern". anyway this was his place of residence around 1929 when the baedeker was printed. some times later the address was changed with a pencil and the new written by hand was: Berlin - Charlottenburg 4, Dahlmann - Str. 13".

I believe that this happen bevor WW 2 but the street allways exist in Berlin http://maps.google.de/maps?f=q&hl=de&a...mp;t=h&z=16

and is in an old well-to-do area of the city.

Hope that someone will have more about this doctor, thank you for your input

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I think you mean the Litthauisches Ulanen Regiment Nr. 12 in Insterburg, then he retired bevor 1914.

Do you have the date of birth and death? Seems to be he live in Bayern around 1930 and go back then to Berlin, must have been 70 or older then.

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