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    The Royal Welch Regiment.

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    The Regiment was originally formed as a garrison unit for home service,of out-pensioners of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, & known as "Colonel Edmund Fielding's Regiment of Invalids".

    Colonel Fieldng & meny of his men were veterans of Marlboroughs Wars, & many were partially disabled & unfit for actve service.

    In July 1751 the Regiment was redesignated as The 41st Foot (Invalids).

    In December 1787 the Regiment was re-categorised as a marching regiment of the line, fit for active service.

    In 1969 The Royal Welch Regiment merged with The South Wales Borderers (the old 24th Foot) to form tThe Royal Regiment of Wales, itself amalgamated on 1/4/2006 with The Royal Welch Fusiliers (the old 23rd) to form "The Royal Welch".

    The cap badge of The Royal Welsh Regiment, Kipling & King 653, the spelling "WELSH" was altered to "WELCH" in the Royal Welch Fusiliers & The Welch Regiment in 1920 (Army Order 56/1920):

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