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Hi there, a few weeks ago after thinking a lot I decided to purchase a german m40 helmet of the smalest size; it had a post-war dark green painting and the sign of having decals (in a wrong position by the way); I been i :catjava:

nforming myself of how to take of that painting and decided to do it.

1st I tryed with a gel paint remover, but then I decided to use liquid thinner; personally I got better results with this one, but as I live in a corner of the world with few products to choose I don?t know the performance of the brands you use in europe or in the states. Just in case that all products behave the same way I?m going to post some advises and experiences with the gel paint remover.

1) Treat it carefully and use something soft (like cotton rag) when using the paint remover.

2) After use, seal it tight. It happened to me that

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