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Here's one of my father's nicer medal bars, used to be in Eric Ludvigsen's collection and was purchased at one of A. Thies' auctions. It is "pure Baden" and has beneath the war merit cross the Erinnerungszeichen (lowest class) and the Erinnerungsmedaille from 1906, both not common, both very hard to find mounted, and: both on non-matching ribbons...


The Erinnerungszeichen had to be worn on Berthold order's ribbon which looks almost the same but has golden instead of yellow stripes, the 1906 medal had the same ribbon as the 1902 medal, is here worn on the ribbon of the (more common) Friedrich-Luisen-Medaille that again looks almost the same, but is a bit bigger and does not have the inscript on the avers. I hope you like that bar though. ;)

Does anyone have an idea what person it may have belonged to? What strucks me is that there's no 1902 medal but two awards for 1906...

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Not a clue. We don't HAVE all those Baden rolls like somebody-who-lives-there. :catjava:

See-- you wasted your whole summer vacation when you could have been deeep, deeeeeep in the Archives transcribing award rolls. :rolleyes:

Take it from me: all that dust and mold and damp isn't good when you get older.... :shame:

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Oh my that is a wonderfull bar => the last medal is a rather rare one, the "Erinnerungsmedaille der goldenen hochzeit 1906".

Not much good info available on that medal for sure.

A bit offtopic: I have found in recent research that this very nice medal was also awarded towards belgians who where present at the anniversary (a total of 5 identifyed at this point). I am now in the stage togheter with a friend in researching more about this medal in the Landesarchiv and its awards towards belgians, etc .... so more will be known in the upcomming time but it wil take some time fore sure.

Cordial greetings,

Edited by Stijn David
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Thanks and right, the 1906 is the rare award here - but the 1906 Erinnerungszeichen is of almost the same league. ;)

Stijn, I know as well someone who's working right now on that topic, I think for a publication - is your friend Wolfgang... ?! That's quite many Belgians to get the medal. According to Volle there were only about 100 medals coined and I presume most went to Badeners - and the rest split to all parts of Europe and the world's rest. ;)

See-- you wasted your whole summer vacation when you could have been deeep, deeeeeep in the Archives transcribing award rolls. :rolleyes:

:speechless: :speechless: :speechless:

Noooo... I'm wasting eight working hours a day (with way time etc. about almost eleven hours a day), five days a week working for daily about 10,- Euro. Haven't had vacations but weekends and three days at home being sick... ;o(

Young man's burden.


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Stijn, then it's okay. I was just curious two might make the same work... ;o)

Rick, thank you. It'd be rather strange if he wasn't at the civil service - where then? But one mistake, may have been the problem?! It's not a "Friedrich-Luisen-Medaille" but an "Erinnerungsmedaille f?r 1906", as stated above - much scarcer, the wearers weren't published - and definitely (at least I think so) not awarded later than 1906. The ribbon isn't the right one but the one for the Friedrich-Luisen-Medaille - but that medal is a bit bigger and has no inscript on the averse...

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