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  1. Our forum, with all its older entries, is such a wealthy treasure of information. Browsing old threads, I actually found an authentic reduced size Turkish war medal! It has been shown by our dear member Avşar İbar more than twelve years ago. No wonder I couldn't remember ever seeing one...
  2. If only he wore his medal bar or ribbons... this is the Wiegrebe group, that I sold close to two years ago. It came directly from his son's collection, and was auctioned at Künker's. Unattributed, however.
  3. More than ten years later, I think the only thing that's missing here might be a nice portraiture?! Gentlemen, please welcome Oberstleutnant Christian Gockel, naturally or unfortunately with his full size medal bar, and not just the ribbons. The picture is taken from Henning Volle's 2019 Die Orden und tragbaren Ehrenzeichen des Großherzogtums und der Republik Baden, where it's used to show medals bars in wear and their precedences.
  4. A great idea and so well executed, thanks Alex! It's good to see I'm not the only one to miss the old days of GMIC... For those of us who have lost their track of time, as I often feel I have: Today, it has been seven years since Rick's untimely loss. He still is and will always be missed as a major part of our community that is, in so many regards, what he (with others, of course) developed it to be.
  5. Lifesaving medals are something really special and among, if not the most distinctive awards - each medal a life saved from greatest danger... you cannot say the same about many other awards! So, despite we have already seen a Bavarian here some thirteen years ago, I'm bumping this thread up with another one, single mounted, that will be in my shop's update tomorrow. Looking their history up, I noticed two things that are most unusual and worth mentioning: Despite their monarchistic design, these were handed out until the early 30s, when they were superseded by a very short lived and
  6. Thanks for the additional pictures, PREM. I agree both our stars are the same variation. I could find one more of these on ebay, sold some weeks ago by cph70. This is one of the well known sellers of dubious pieces. In fact, I have never seen any of their auctions that I felt comfortable with. And this is just one of dozens(!) similar German ebay sellers.
  7. The same point as always: To screw collectors, and to make money. In the past ten or fifteen years, prices for Ottoman awards were absolutely skyrocketing, and the high demand - and prices! - created a legion of fake stars, in several sizes and different qualities. To be honest, I'm not sure if a reduced size of this award was ever made back in the days. I cannot remember one authentic piece (and no, yours won't change my mind). Oversized examples are well known and established, of course. Whoever told you all recent fakes are standard size only apparently doesn't study the fake market or
  8. This award document has been sold on ebay recently, and despite I'm neither the seller nor could afford to buy it, I think it's fine to add it to this thread, especially as it's a completely different type than the one shown by Rick back in 2009:
  9. Finally some Oldenburg enamels in this fine thread - thanks graham, and thanks Komtur! I never (yet) had any knight's cross with swords of this order... but here's an unknown civilian's two place medal bar with the knight's cross 2nd class with crown and an additional "OK2r" that I sold recently home to Oldenburg:
  10. In exactly a month from now, the doors for the 42nd International Collectors' Convention at Gunzenhausen will open. The show is considered Germany's No. 1 and one of the best in Europe, if you're going for orders and decorations. I will be having a table as well, of course, and would look forward to meet some of you fellow Gentlemen again. Check here for the organizers' additional information, e. g. some requirements due to the current pandemic. Also, please watch out for further announcements. We are all hoping the best, but other shows have been already been canceled.
  11. Pardon, but that's nonsense. There is a huge difference between pieces that were made in the old days to be purchased and worn by actual awardees, and pieces made in the past few years, with the only purpose to deceive(!) collectors. Yours is one of the latter category, unfortunately. I have one alike, in my "poison cabinet".
  12. Scott, I have no idea how many Germans fought in the Baghdad area in WW1, but it definitely is an uncommon battle clasps to encounter. The medal bar looks fine and authentic to me, I don't see any problems or "red flags". Sorry to say so, comrade, but the auction photos are not of actual help in this regard...
  13. I had a chance to have a close look at the piece, when I was at Bene Merenti's for an early preview this week. Despite I cannot find an exact same cross at Aurich or Wernitz, I absolutely like what it looks like, and how it's made, and how it's aged. Though not considering myself an expert in 1813 1st classes (but who would?), I'd buy this cross in a heart beat.
  14. Just curious: I hope you didn't buy this cross, Alex? Or if so, had a chance to return the piece?
  15. I had a closer look at the piece at Bene Merenti's when I was there for an auction preview this week, and I am absolutely sure the mentioned piece is one of the recently made fakes that are flooding German ebay in uncountable variations. The enamel, I have to disagree here, is not superior in my eyes, and the patina doesn't look naturally grown but artificially applied. Feel free to compare to this one. From what I understand, this piece will probably be withdrawn from the auction...
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