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  1. I'm pretty excited... just one week left! I'll be glad to meet some of you Gentlemen, although...
  2. Well, I'm 99,5 % convinced this is the ribbon of the German China-Denkmünze! Any other suggestions, Gentlemen?
  3. I thought it might be a good idea to push this lovely, interesting thread up again - the first one I posted in, after I became a member of this amazing community more than thirteen years ago, by the way! Despite his son claimed it was the big one and, to be fair, it is big, Bernhard Beck received "only" the medium medal. I was able to obtain it some years ago, among some of his other awards, but as I cannot keep everything I like, I consigned it to Bene Merenti auction, where it will be sold Friday next week. Just to let you know, in case someone is interested and can, other than I, afford it...
  4. Here's my example that will probably be part of my site's next update. The Honour Cross 2nd class is the second most "common" class of this order, with nine recipients known. In total, the list of known recipients names 90 persons - for all 27 classes and grades(!) of this order combined. See here for the list published by Dr. Lars Adler in October 2018.
  5. Please notice there was a 2nd class, the neck cross of this order, sold as well recently. This was no piece I would have wanted for my collection... would you have?!
  6. I'm sorry to be such a wisenheimer, again, but this is totally not Garter related: the blue ribbon reads "FIDELITER / CONSTANTER", which is the motto of the Saxon-Ernestine house order... whose princesses decoration this is! The design might well be Garter inspired, however!
  7. These two medals are most confusing, and have always been. Even back then, in 1906 ff., there was much confusion, and you will often find them mounted on unfitting ribbons. The medal with inscription on the avers, the Erinnerungsmedaille für 1906, is a jubilee medal, awarded on occurrence of the golden wedding jubilee of the grand duke. The medal without inscription, the Friedrich-Luisen-Medaille, was instituted in 1906 as well, but not as a jubilee medal but for caritative merits. This was awarded for several years, probably until the "Great War" started. Most went to nurses and doctors, but many as well to civil state servants and private persons that supported hospitals, orphanages and such by giving donations to them. The Friedrich-Luisen-Medaille on the 4 place medal bar has the proper ribbon, but the Jubiläumsmedaille on the 3 place medal bar should be worn on the very same ribbon as the 1902 jubilee medal, that can bee seen on the second and third bar you show. Anyway, thanks for sharing! That is a brilliant portrait of Otto Winterer (1846-1915) who was lord mayor (Oberbürgermeister) of the city of Freiburg im Breisgau from 1888 until 1913... it's funny to see how messy he wore his medal bar!
  8. I have one as well, and as it came from some old collection, I'm pretty confident it is authentic. But with so many fakes of Tsarist Russian awards around, and my lack of experience in this field, I'd like to ask: Is this an authentic piece? Thank you!
  9. Claudius, to avoid confusion, Paul's comment related to the 2014 show... I pushed it up again for the 2019 show, which will take place in now less than two weeks! Thanks for all of your comments - so glad I won't be completely alone there! 1812 Overture, I think I will rather not make it to Beijing show, sorry!
  10. As I noted in another thread, it's a bit mean of me to ask almost five years after... The only medal I can find is a golden wedding jubilee of the Prince of Hohenzollern from 1884, but it's a table medal, none intended for wear. See here, lot 1292, for one in silver and here for one in bronze. I don't know but guess it came in gold as well.
  11. One month from today, and the 41st Gunzenhausen show will take place! Will some of our Imperial friends be there? I'll be having a table, probably in the left corner of the hall, right next to the steps leading up to the stage. I'd really be glad to meet some of you!
  12. Ah, that's one from the Landesarchiv. Thought it was yours and wanted to ask for a trade.
  13. The latter is probably the best explanation I've seen in years, thanks! I see it's a bit mean to ask more than three years after, but I'm crawling through literally all of the old threads...
  14. Pierce, I know I'm damn late here. I'm not sure what medals - Royal Prussian or Princely Hohenzollern? - you were referring to. If this is still of need and interest, please, might you specify? I'd be glad to help with pictures...
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