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    The rarer early Deschler DKs with six rivets and small pin are pretty rare, attributed ones even rarer. Two attributed pieces together rarer still.

    On left is the DK to Oberleutnant Karl-Hermann Lion of 9./ Stuka-Geschwader 1 awarded 1 December 1941, an extremely early award, one of the first. At right is the award to Kapit?nleutnant Gerd Schreiber, commander of U-95, awarded 22 May 1942, one of the fiurst twenty or so awarded in the U-Bootwaffe.

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    Guest hawkeye

    Nice pieces. Gordon, do you have any opinion on these early six rivet pieces regarding the thickness of the wreath relative to the later 4 rivet pieces? The wreaths appear identical to the later pieces with regard to the appearance of the date and leaves, but the wreath itself is thinner. Any thoughts? Have you come across any six rivet deschler pieces that have a true silver backing and not tombak? Thanks.

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