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Last week I spent some days in Hamburg.... in the habour is a sailing ship , the Rickmer Rickmers , which is today a museum and a restaurant.

In the museum there is a painting of the man who gave this ship his name : Rickmer Clasen Rickmers , a reeder from Hamburg if I understood everything correct.... interesting for us are the orders the man wears on this painting!!!

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Hello Heiko!

That would probably be the easy way out, four days of going walkie! It?s the bike orderly medal of the

4-daagse in Nijmegen on the picture, not the marching cross, but for some reason it seems like the

suspender of the cross is used on this medal.


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The founder of the shipping dynasty (his ships were used to transport German troops to Georgia in August 1918-- at the REQUEST of the government there) is wearing a Prussian Crown Order 3rd Class on the ribbon given for war aid in 1870/71 (no Red Cross on the upper arm of the Cross itself), then a British Order of Saints Michael & George (!!!!) normally given for long years in the colonies, then what looks like a Mecklenburg Military Merit Cross with no more correct ribbon.

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