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Assistance with 17th Airborne soldier

Anthony T

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Hello All,

This is my first post on the forum and i was hoping you could help me-

I recently purchased an IKE jacket to a member of the 17th/82nd Airborne. His name was Sgt. Charles E. Brady SN 6577522. The jacket came complete with all patches, but incomplete ribbon bar or wings. The bars were good conduct, american campaign and ETO with arrow head and 4 stars. I would like to restore the tunic for display with a proper ribbon bar. I am also trying to find out who he was attached to. He was with a feild artillary unit showing by his brass and red trimmed cap. This would mean he was either with:

464th PFAB

466th PFAB

680th GFAB

681st GFAB

as these were the only feild artillary units attached to the 17th.

If anyone could help me out with what unit he was in, or medals he was awarded I would be forever grateful.

Sorry, no pics at this time as my nephew decided to take my camera in the pool for some underwater shots.....blackeye.gif

I am going shopping after work for a new one.....again



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