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    German Landwehr and friend on rations detail


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    I want to acknowledge my friend Ulrich Biroth for sending me the photo that started this vignette. He really has been the font of some amazing German Great War photos! Thanks again, Ulrich!

    This is a Landwehr in the light grey M1900 Litewka tunic, trousers and feldmutze. I think it is the M1900 only because I cannot see the long cuffs which would have indicated an M1915 tunic. Wouldn't be too unusual for him to wear an outmoded service coat, but can't be 100% sure. He is carrying a metal pail of food on rations detail. The dog is a German short-haired pointer, the "company dog", also doing his bit.

    I dotted the ground work with just a few of the autumn leaves I'm making. There will be lots more on the final version. I used an autumnal backdrop which I think helped the photos a bit.

    The figures are MS except for bits of MS and kneadatite. The boots and head come from a casting of one of my figures, but both were re-worked to fit the scene.

    Pretty simple piece. Hope you like it!

    As I mentioned on the FFL post, either Vic Wong or Charles Duckworth will be painting this vignette.

    All the best,


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    Many thanks for your compliment, Lorenzo! You are too kind.

    After an online critique on another site, I made some changes which I believe improve both the dog and the figure. One of the original errors I made was in the pose. I had the arms swinging contrary to the way they should have been, so I fixed that. Also had a small hump on the dog's back which I had not noticed. So I hope you agree that the corrections make an improvement.


    Dan and Pam Morton

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