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    Wehrpas to 3 / NA 47, "Sturm auf Panzerwerk 505"

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    My latest WP, arrived a couple of days ago.

    This man was a member of 3 / N 47, 24/8/39 - 7/10/41, page 33 of his wehrpas bears the entry "18/5/40 Sturm auf Panzerwerk 505" - the assault on "Fort le Ferte" of the Maginot Line on that date. Combat engineers & infantry attacked the position, although it did'nt actually fall for a couple of weeks, the Germans entering & occupying it on 2/6/40.

    I believe that N 47 was the HQ signals unit of 7th Corps, so assuming that as a member of that unit Gruber was not actually a participant in the assault of 18/5/40, on what basis & how extensively was the battle entry "Sturm auf Panzerwerk 505" "granted"?

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    As you know some of the WP service entries are very general but this one is quite specific. Doubtless his kompanie was part of the general operation in some capacity so that was the official entry for it whether you were in the frontline or in support.

    I've seen orders at divisional level stipulating the date ranges and what was to be written in each entry for the whole division irrespective of if you were a supply driver in the rear or infantryman.

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