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    Breast Badge of Interior Troops "For Distinguished Service"


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    Instituted on 27 January 1995 by decree of the Interior Minister. The Distinguished Service Badge (Cross) is awarded to soldiers of the Interior Ministry of Russia for initiative, diligence and distinction displayed in the discharge of official duties.

    This gilt example is the 1st class badge, the 2nd class is simply unfinished (bare metal). As is customary for Interior Ministry awards, the swords point down. This award is worn on the right chest.

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    The picture below is a great study of Interior Troops.

    This veteran officer displays an array or decorations that clearly identify him as a "reserve" officer of the Russian National Guard (Interior troops, also called troops of the Interior Ministry). The Russian abbreviation for Interior Troops (as marked on his breast badge for distinguished service first class) is BB MVD. Russian Federation soldiers are not allowed to wear medals of different ministries, when a soldier does wear medals from different ministries, he can only be a member of the reserves.

    The medals on his left chest:

    #1 Order of courage (2nd highest combat award)

    #2 Medal for bravery (combat award)

    #3 Medal for bravery (combat award)

    #4 Medal Of The Order Of Service To The Fatherland 2nd Class (without swords, so NOT bestowed for military duty)

    #5 Medal Of Zhukov (combat bravery award)

    #6 Medal for Valour in Silver of the Justice Ministry

    #7 Medal for the 200th Anniversary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (received for service in Interior Troops)

    #8 Medal for Service 3rd Class (10 years) of the Justice Ministry

    This amalgam of medals from different ministries is only possible in Interior Troops. #6 and #8 (and most probably also #4) clearly identify him as an employee of the Justice Ministry. #7 was earned as a soldier of the Interior Ministry. The others were earned in combat in the Caucasus.

    The medals on his right chest:

    #9 Breast Badge of Interior Troops "For Distinguished Service" 1st class (main theme of this thread)

    #10 Cross 1st Class for Service in the Caucasus 1994-2004

    #11 Unknown (possibly a sniper qualification badge)

    #12 Unknown

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    Or...though I can't prove for certain, he's a current UIN (Justice Ministry) trooper with prior service in the Internal Troops. I say this because in '98, approx. 32,000 Internal Troops who were responsible for guarding correctional facilities were resubordinated to the UIN, along with their riot control (Spetsnaz) teams. Thus, if he was one of the former (esp. a Spetsnaz trooper), it would make sense to see him with MVD awards prior to '98, and then with UIN awards post-'98. Justice Ministry Spetsnaz made a pretty good accounting of themselves during the Second Chechen War, so I could see his UIN medals also stemming from those operations. The reason I want to associate him with Spetsnaz is the presence of the fellow in back with the red VV Spetsnaz beret, and the sniper qualification badge. (all just educated guesses, though). Great photo and interesting combination of awards...
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