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    ID disc / 2 Fr coin to a casualty

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    I've had this 2 Franc coin/ID disc for a couple of years now and was once told it isn't original as the details don't look right. A post war stamped coin/disc maybe? Why? It only cost me a pound or 2 at an antique market.

    What was 2 Francs worth back then, would the average PBI be able to afford this kind of ID disc?

    Albert Charles Neal was from Southwark, making his disc particularly interesting to me. He was killed in November 1917.


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    I don't know why the details don't look right - is suspicion formed from the wording or the punch style?

    So, looks like you've researched him.........

    I was told the number stamps weren't right, to be exact, the 1. I don't have enough tags to check how many different kinds of No. 1 punches were used (although it no doubt also depends on which country the coin was punched and where the punches were bought) and then I got to thinking about how much 2 Francs may have been worth to a bog standard solder. Does he buy himself some watered down beer or wine in an estiminet or have his 2 Franc coin turned into an ID disc? I'd probably opt for the drink and have a penny or a large centime coin turned into a disc.

    As for the research, I actually only ever got as far as finding he came from Newington Butts, my dad's family lived down the Elephant and in Walworth so quite possibly a distant relative.

    By the way, I have 2 coin ID discs, the other being a penny, with the same style of '1'


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