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    I have been told that this is a silver bomb aimer's badge for WW2. Appears to be genuine and has on the reverse - M&Co or, MSco? I would be very grateful for any info. members can provide. There are three pictures of this first badge and then two (front and back) of sets that I bought at an auction. These I am doubtful about - but, I am sure someone can tell me ?


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    Considering the collection of badges by position:

    1, 2, 3

    4, 5, 6

    7, 8, 9

    Number one looks like a legitimate current US Army Aviator?s Badge (subdued & full sized).

    Number three also looks legitimate ? current US Army Master Aviator?s Badge ? non-subdues & reduced size.

    Number 9 is also a standard sized current US Army Senior Aviator?s Badge.

    These three badges are NOT World War II vintage.

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    2 and 5 are current Army Senior Flight Surgeon and Air Force flight surgeon (not sure about the current terminology for the Air Force one [i think senior flight surgeon], but it is a higher level than for the one not having the star, and below the one with star and wreath.) Doc

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    Your wing in first posting appears to be an authentic WW2 Bombardiers wing, it has the long swing to the side type of pin of that era, the other wings you posted are of fairly recent types, all look to be authentic and in the various sizes and types used, go to this site and you can post them there, it is a very good one for ID's of wings/patches etc,

    us militaria forum

    Good collecting!


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