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    British Pattern 1845 Infantry Officer's Sword

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    These initials are etched on a British P1845 infantry officer's sword c.1850-1854. I think they read GFL, but someone else suggested GIL. I have not been able to find anyone with the initials GIL in any of the online Hart's Lists, but there are two officers with the initials GFL: George Fead Lamert and George Frederick Long. So first of all, would you agree that the initials look like GFL?


    At this point I feel that Long is a better match, mainly due to the fact that the sword has been sharpened for service (Long served in the Pujab 1845-46, Lamert did not see any active service except possibly a minor rebellion when serving with the Ceylon Rifles). Right now I am trying to learn more about Long to see if any clues about his life might help prove or disprove ownership of the sword in my collection. Here is a short summary of what I know:

    Born 15/08/1815 to Edmund Slingsby Long, Esq. and Maria Betts in Old Catton, Norwich. Ranks are as follows:

    Ensign, 27 September 1833 (54th Foot)

    Lieutenant, 17 June 1837 (54th Foot)

    Captain, 8 February 1842 (54th Foot)

    Major, gazetted 31 March 1846 (50th Foot)

    Lieutenant-Colonel, 1854 (unattached)

    Major Long served the campaigns on the Sutlej (Medal, 3 Clasps), in the 50th, including the battle of Moodkee (wounded), Ferozeshah, Aliwal, and Sobraon.

    At Meerut, George Frederick Long, esq. Capt. 50th Regt. (Queen's Own), to Charlotte Irvine, youngest dau. of the late Henry Loftus Tottenham, esq. of Macmurrough, co. Wexford, Ireland.


    The other possibility--assuming GFL is correct--is George Fead Lamert. Lamert was commissioned as ensign into the 37th in 1845, transferred to the 17th at some point in 1846, to the Ceylon Rifles by 1848, and to the 60th by 1857, and the 30th by 1860. He served as paymaster with the 30th and 60th. He appears to have not risen above the rank of lieutenant before becoming paymaster. Lamert resigned in 1862, soon after receiving the honorary rank of captain. I suppose it is possible that when he was with the Ceylon Rifles he saw action during the Matale Rebellion in 1848.

    The sword was retailed by Millan & Mann in Edinburgh, so I am thinking that if I can determine Long's home city I may be able to feel more confident in attributing the sword to him. Based on some assistance I received on another forum, Lamert does not appear to have any connections to Edinburgh but I suppose he is still a potential owner.

    Any and all thoughts on the initials and the possible attribution are welcome and appreciated! I am open to new ideas on this so any help is welcome!


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    Thank you for your replies. I am pretty confident that the third initial is an L, so I don;t think the middle initial is an L. Assuming I am correct about it being GFL, can anyone suggest options other than the officers I have found (G.F. Lamert and G.F. Long)? Of the two, who seems more likely? (Taking into account their service records and the fact that the sword was sharpened for service.)

    At this point I feel it is a toss-up. Long had a more active career, but I cannot find a reason for him to have purchased a sword from an Edinburgh retailer, nor can I find evidence that he was on leave in Britain before seeing action on the battlefield. Lamert appears to have connections with Ireland, so again, the Edinburgh connection is a bit of a mystery. And the only possible action he might have seen that would warrant sharpening his sword was the rebellion in Ceylon.

    Can anyone help me learn more about Lt.-Col. Long and if he might have had a reason to buy a sword in Edinburgh? Can anyone suggest other officers whose initials might match?

    Thank you,


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