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    Spain and replica firearms


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    hi everyone,

    We have a number of identified 'replica' firearms in our Museum collection. A fair number have been identified (by a curator many years ago) as having been made in Spain. Does anyone know anything about the replica gun industry in Spain, if the country is/was known for such an industry, when it started and if it continues today? Initial searches on google didn't yield much. Any info, references or thoughts welcome.

    Here is an example, a Spanish-made replica Sharps mechanism pistol. Model is ?1850s, replica date unknown? (The 1988 date on the label is the date the police gave it to the Museum following a public weapons amnesty).

    Many thanks,


    P.S. What differentiates a replica and and a reproduction when it comes to firearm manufacture?

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    Helen - I was expecting a lot of members to answer your questions. I would say that the difference between the two, is that a replica is for show, and a reproduction is a faithful copy of the original and could, probably be used. Taking your Sharps as an example - an original must be worth a great deal of money - however, a good copy would be just as effective. The Sharps fired a large ball , with a lot of power behind it - I imagine it was the .44 magnum of it's day. However, I am no expert and it would be nice if someone else gave their opinions.

    With regard to Spain - Toledo was always the centre of the arms trade. Swords and pistols, were of the finest quality and greatly sought after. Even today Spain still produces a great number of replicas of famous guns. When I used to go to Majorca (the island) to see the boat, the shops in Palma were full of imitation firearms - some better than others.

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