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    During WW2, with the shortage of metal, a number of units were given badges made from an early type of plastic. Whilst adequate at the time, they proved not to be stable and became brittle and broke easily. You still see a number for corps., but not so often to regt's. I am not sure for exact dates - either issuing or, withdrawel. On the back is the maker's name -

    A.STANLEY & SONS. WALSALL. I bought a small badge collection this morning and this was among them.

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    Hello - Charlie. As a newish member myself, may I say Welcome. I was very interested in your plastic badges - Leigh gave me an incredible number of those made . I suppose it just reflects how many men were fighting ! Do you have any idea of a price for the Hampshire one ?

    Mervyn (p.s. please let me know when you are selling the Dublin Fus. They were important in the Boer War.) Do you know Ian Shepherd - he lives in Knutsford and has just joined ?

    Edited by Mervyn Mitton
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    Guest charlie m

    About ?30-?45 for a nice one.

    Yours is nice but its lost its gold colour.

    Edited by charlie m
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