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    Any chance to find this man? Great pre 1897 medal bar what shows my biggest problem again not to have any ranklist before 1900..... :speechless: - and no epson of course....

    Prussian-Baden medal bar with EK2 1870 , KO4 X , RAO 4 , Baden Z?hringer Lion without swords I think , DA 25 , KDM 70 + cross 1866

    photo is taken in Freiburg / Baden

    any help is very welcome as always!!!

    Thank you


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    Guest Rick Research

    Interesting to see full dress medals being worn on service dress! :Cat-Scratch:

    Taken 1891-92.

    Major (22.03.88 N) Franz Joseph Hubert Cadenbach, then in Inf Rgt 113. Born Koblenz 16 February 1845.

    zD 1891/2 to Landwehrbezirk I Berlin, from which he eventually retired as Oberstleutnant zD before 1900.

    Here is wearing EK2 1870 (PremLt in FR 39), KO4X, RAO4, BZ3a, XXV, 1870/71, and 1866.

    He added to these: Crown 3rd with Swords on Ring, and replaced Red Eagle 4 by 3rd with Bow.

    His 1908/09 Orders Almanach entry omits the BZ3a-- which is why Research Gnomes spend so much time checking out multiple sources! :shame:

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