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    Women and the QMAAC

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    Can anyone help me out with this ID bracelet? I can't find the MIC or any record for 44269 F Collins QMAAC, in fact, I also did a search for just QMAAC on ancestry and drew a blank except for one single lady named BH Grieve.

    There's a Freda Collins from Chelsea here but no confirmation of it being 44269 F Collins.

    I'm assuming she was sent overseas and was awarded at least a BWM because of 'BEF' being on the tag, if so, what might she have done, been driver like Bob in Blackadder? Working in a hospital? A mechanic? Welder? Worked in a cookhouse?

    Did members of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, later Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps receive any medals for their service?

    Does anyone have WAAC/QMAAC photos they can post?



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    A search on the National Archives shows 13,485 MiCs to the QMAAC and they were certainly awarded the BWM/VM

    Christ knows what I'm doing wrong then, all I get is this:

    Search results

    No results were found, try using the advanced search to refine your criteria

    If you need help with searching, have a look at the FAQ or Search Tips

    Thanks for confirming they were awarded the BWM/VM.


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