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    WW1 German Saw-Edge Bayonet

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    Hi Everyone,

    Last Saturday I was at a collectors meeting. One collector brought a number of different daggers for sale - one I'm interested in is WW1 German Bayonet with a saw edge, hes asking 200 euro - I'm not too well informed on bayonets. Do members think its genuine not a composite bayonet and is priced right, any help and information appreciated.

    Best Wishes

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    Marking of Deutsche Maschinenfabrik AG (as used 1910 1926)

    Duisberg, Wolfgang Reutzer Platz

    Various trademarks incorporating the firms name, it appears that the name rarely appeared other than as DEUTSCHE MASCHINENFABRIK /A G/DUISBERG in three lines, with the top & bottom lines arched around the centre.

    The firms origins dated back to 1810, the name as here was adopted about 1910, there were a couple of name changes between WWI & WWII.

    Production began in 1915, ceasing in 1917, saw backs recorded dated 1915 & 1916.

    Some blade blanks supplied to H. Mundlos & Co, who stamped them blades on the left side.

    Has a flashguard, which were introduced in 1915, so either produced with the flashguard or without & later modified.

    A modified design of crosspiece was introducrd without ears, old ones were filed down (file marks may be present thus indicating that the crosspiece is an modified old pattern), some transitional examples have the flashguard but unmodified crosspiece.

    The top edge of the blade was sharpened for infantry, jager & schutzen after September 1915.

    Suspension of production of the saw back occurred in 1917, the Bavarians withdrawing them for issue to pioneers only, the Prussians. Restricting them to non front line troops, & ordering removal of the saw teeth in January 1918.

    Should have 29 double (58 single) teeth, one example of the bayonet is known with 57 teeth, it is known that although the width of the frossguard was specified as 6.5 mm, it varied in production, t is certainly known to vary between 6mm - 7.5 mm.

    Mismatched grips, poor finish etc are not necessarily signs of "faking" or repair.

    I don't think the sawbacks were issued within the German forces inter-war, although other bayonetss were refinished & issued.

    Edited by leigh kitchen
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    Hi Leigh Kitchen,

    Thanks for your excellent posting, packed with information. I bought the bayonet, looking through the internet I've had a crash course on German bayonets and their markings, looking over the newly bought one (1st Picture) I found stamping on bayonets back, a crown, the initial W, number 17,which I think, tells me Prussian, made in the reign of Wilhelm 2, in the year 1917. 2nd picture crown stamp on hilt - 3d picture has crown & W initial on the scabbard throat.

    Regards & thanks again for your trouble

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