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    THE 11 th. REGT. OF FOOT

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    The Army Organisation Act of 1881 changed the 11 th. of Foot - always known as the North Devonshire Regiment - to become the Devonshire Regiment.

    With a long history and a number of amalgamations with other regts. they served in a number of important Countries from the 1830's onwards.

    In 1831 they helped to put down some dreadful riots which were devastating Bristol. Thereafter they were in Greece and then in Canada during the troubles of 1838 - 9. They then spent 13 years in Australia from 1845 - and if 'mossy' - Sam, sees this he may be able to add some details of their service. From 1864 they were in India - serving in Bengal until 1877. These buttons were made in Calcutta and probably date from this period. From 1890 they were in Egypt and then back to India. Boer War and later service is another story.

    Sets of Buttons pre-1881 are quite rare and these are heavily gilt for an officer.

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