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    ANTRIM / THE ANTRIMS Cloth Shoulder Titles

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    I picked these up about a week ago, the two blue on red badges are not a matched pair although very close.

    Army Cadets unit, or are they a Commonwealth unit or a civilian band?

    There used to be an Antrim Artillery Volunteers or similar unit in the 1960's / 70's, I think they wore the Royal Artillery cap badge but with red hand of Ulster collar badges (I have one of the collar badges in my collection somewhere) - the red on blue title could be one of thers.

    I think they became a Royal Engneers unit, the blue on red titles are in the colours of The Royal Army Ordnance Corps, although the red backing is almost a beech red colour.

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    ACF unit I served in as teenager and subsequent photo's I've seen show they normally wear the title of the parent unit, who are their sponsors. With the CCF it's different as some schools tend to have Army, Naval and Air Detchments and so wear school titles in corresponding service colours. However the Army Det's usually follow those of the traditional white on scarlet or use the schools colours in their cloth titles, i.e. Durham School CCF army det wore white on green.

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    Identified here:


    by irishhorse as Antrim Artillery, the red on blue from when they were an artillery formaton, the blue on red worn after conversion to engneers circa 1956, the collar dog worn before & after conversion to engineers.

    Thanks for that.

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