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    Hello everyone. Previously registered member from Australia but forgot my rego details (anno domini strikes again!). I've reregistered and now seek some assistance.

    I am preparing a PowerPoint prestentation on the history of the Croix de Guerre and its links with Australia and am having a devil of a time tracking down a few images I need.

    Is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction for good colour images of:

    CdeG 1914-1918 with Silver Star

    CdeG 1914-1918 with Gold Star

    CdeG TOE with Silver Star

    CdeG TOE with Gold Star

    CdeG TOE with Palm

    CdeG 1939-45 with Silver Star

    CdeG 1939-45 with Gold Star

    CdeG 1939-45 with Palm

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.



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    I can scan you pics of my CGDs at any resolution you require... But as far as ribbon devices go (star & palms), they're already on and won't be interchanged... If I broke a prong switching them I'd cry...


    thanks for the offer and I totally understand about your concerns about breaking the prongs on the ribbon devices - been there, done that! rolleyes.gif

    Any images you could send me would be great, 300 dpi or higher.



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