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    KwaZulu Police


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    Hi Neville

    It's certainly KwaZulu, because that is the KwaZulu coat of arms. The KZP cap badge had the coat of arms inside a circle on an 8-pointed star (rather like the old SAP badge), so my guess would be that this was a warrant officer's rank badge, as worn on the cuff.

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    Neville - I think Arthur is prob. right - unless, it is just an identity breast badge. I have a KZN cap badge in the shop and will take a photo.

    Anything to do with KZN Police is fairly hard to come by - they controlled stocks closely. Note the tusks - the elephant is the badge of the IFP Party...

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    Neville - I can't find the KZN cap badge - we think it must have been sold. However, we've taken a photo from Colin Owen's book - The Badges of South Africa. Pity it's not in colour. I don't know what the badge is that you posted - as Arthur says - definetly KZN. Prob. a breast badge.

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