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    Going to stick my neck out on this one - simply because of the poor quality of the photo and say he appears to be serving with a Canadian Scottish unit and I place this observation on the fact that he's wearing what appears to be the Canadian General Service pattern collar badges, which would be a Kings Crown on a Maple Leaf, with words 'Canada' below.

    British units rarely wore collar badges with Service Dress during this period and they're not of any British Pattern that I know of.

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    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for that but sporran wrong for Canadian Scottish from what I've just researched.

    Initially thought Black Watch but can't think how he would have ended up with them. He's

    English. Born Shropshire but not on 1911 census.

    I know pic not brilliant but cap badge looked BW to me and they have sporran with 5


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    Hi Ian - my phrase was "a Canadian Scottish unit", which could be one of many. He's certainly not wearing Black Watch collar badges as they didn't wear them with SD and sporrans usually reflected badges worn by the regiment into which they enlisted. Just because he was English I wouldn't discount him from serving with a Canadian unit during WWI, which is when this photo was probably taken.

    Have you tried tracking him down via the Medal Index Cards? He also appears to be wearing a medal ribbon, which could be South African War!

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