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    BSW Gebruder Schneider Wien


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    I am looking for a reference or any information on the BSW Gebruder Schneider Wien Hallmark. I have seen Hallmarks in pottery that one could use to date the piece and am looking for the same thing for BSW from Pre-WWI thru WWII.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.


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    ..here is how the WWI makers mark of BSW looks like (on decorations)... on cases is the whole name of the firm written....

    During WWII most of the badges manufactured by BSW had the inverted cloverleaf like the one posted, and had the full written out markings on the reverse side center of the badge.


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    Thank you both fir the information.

    Is there any information on the company? Also I have a few AH badges with vatiations of this Hallmark, can they be dated by the changes in the look of the Hallmark? Are there many fakes produced using this Hallmark and to what extent?

    Regards, Bill

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