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Medal for 100th Anniv. of Marshal Bagramyan

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Not much online about this medal; however, the dealer from whom I purchased the item agreed that this medal is for the 100th

Anniversary of Marshal Bagramyan's birth. The medal was established by the Government of Armenia on May 11, 1997.

Bagramyan is considered one Armenia's greatest military heroes. Of course, this has a USSR connection:

Highest rank - Marshal of the Soviet Union

Commands - 11th Guards Army; 1st Baltic Front; Baltic Military District; Reserve forces of the Red Army; Military Academy of the Soviet Union, and Deputy Defense Minister USSR

Awards - Hero of the Soviet Union (2), Order of Lenin (7), Order of the October Revolution, Order of the Red Banner (3), Order of Suvorov 1. Class (2), and Order of Kutuzov 1. Class; several campaign and commemorative medals of the Soviet Union.

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I also obtained this Armenian award document; however, it is for a different Bagramyan medal. This one I believe to be the medal listed on the Armenian MOD website as some type of merit award. You can clearly see that the medal is different in the detail picture of the document. I will need to ask around and determine if this is a different medal or reflects a different version of the same medal.

Interestingly, the document is only in Russian and not in both Armenian and Russian (which frequently appear together here on official buildings).

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