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Certain events are destined to become icons in our memories - and indeed can be catalysts for far greater events. The 1936 Berlin Olympics are such an icon and even after 74 years are still the subject of great interest and discussion.

Hitler inherited these Games - they had been awarded to Germany much earlier then his takeover in 1933. Many Countries wanted to withdraw and it was in doubt until quite late, as to whether they would take place. Hitler had seen immediately that they would be an intense propaganda tool for his new regime and enormous sums of money were poured into Berlin to give it a fine gloss. He particularly wanted to give a look of stability and so many of the buildings and statues had a classical appearance.

Needless to say apart from the main entrance to the Stadium little remained at the end of the second World War in 1945. There are, of course, many photos still in existance - but, personal photo albums, particularly those belonging to a competitor, are rare.

The name written on the inside cover is J.L.ORMOND - we think he may have been in our South African Boxing or, Wrestling Team - however, confirmation would be very helpful should anyone have access to team composition. I have found this very difficult to find.

The photographs include a range of bought postcards showing the different buildings, stadiums, parks and gardens and the statuary made especially to adorn them. Rare in themselves - since there is such good coverage - he has included photos of a more personal nature, and as a competitor includes shots from inside the teams village. The overall impression of the album is that it was the memories put together by a proud competitor who wanted to show everything back in South Africa. The team must have travelled via Rome, as there are a number of interesting cards at the rear.

I will show the pictures in the order that they are presented in the album. Should you need to enlarge, remember Hugh's tip - press Ctrl and + sign - to reduce - CTRL and - .

These illustrations could well lead to discussion amongst our members - I sincerely hope that they will.

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