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    I thought I?d show you my German ID tags. I don't really know anything about them and have never seen or heard of a book on WWI German ID tags but I like them.

    The last lot are POW tags and I?m not sure but I think the beaten up one could be WWII. Does anyone know how I could clean the ground dug tag up as there is still some writing on it which can almost be seen?


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    These are the POW ID tags.

    I would imagine that the ground dug tag was thrown away by the POW upon his release but, could it be WWI or II?


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    Guest Rick Research

    As shown starting in the first scan, the small egg shaped one center top was used in 1914. In 1915 the larger type on right was introduced, but must have been too hard to snap, because the well perforated type at left was brought in during 1916--

    according to a British army intelligence handbook reprint from April 1918.

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