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French cuirassier's breastplate & back plate


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hi help needed. can anyone please help me out with ID of this cuirassiers armour. I don,t think they are a match as breast and back plate have odd numbers stamped on them.

the letters i can make out at the bottom of the inner side of the breastplate are 2? eme laille La?geun no7224 this is what it looks like to me, the letters are on the lower right hand side as you look at them. on the lower left hand side are further letters and numbers but i can,t make them out due to rubbing.

stamped on the breastplate front face is the letter H and a further stamp of the numbers 242.

On the back plate are the following.

2 eme CA?LLE 1eme LA?GAIN and also what looks like ALED? CHAL then two lines with a T above then the french for august and the date as been rubbed out .

can anyone help. thanks, michael

also can anyone please let me know if the french made this armour in sizes, I can,t get into it at all, I am a size 46 inch chest, it fits my wife who is a size 10/12. I know that as a race we are larger but the cuirassiers got picked from the largest men in the french army and they also had a heavy uniform coat on, plus the lining of the armour, to get all that inside this armour would of made them very small men in deed. michael

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