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    Knight Templar

    Tom King

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    There is much confusion over the various Knights Templar Organisations both Masonic and non Masonic.

    Anyone care to explain the differences. Also where do Knight Templar High Priests and Knights of Malta fit into the equation and whhat jewels do they have.

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    I felt obliged to reply to your post, in the absence of anyone else so doing in the 12 hours since listed.

    I cannot offer any great enlightenment about the degrees of KT, KM or KTP as I am not a member of them. My understanding is that there is a certain interdependance of memberships and, although all degrees have to be worked for their award, KT and KM would be worked by the same Preceptory/Priory (the names for their gatherings) but at separate meetings, whilst the KTP degree is entirely separate but eligibility necessitates prior membership of KT/KM.

    I do have some jewels, pictures of which I would be happy to post (safer ground for me :P), but I hope that there are others who will offer better information about the membership structure than I.

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