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Russian Percussion musket- Punjab, 1900


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I would be grateful for comments on a percussion musket that seems to be of Russian origin, whose provenance dates the British-Indian NWF in 1899-1900.

My great-grandfather worked in Madras from 1872 to 1892. In 1899-1900, he and my great-grandmother returned to visit their daughter and new grandson whose father was CO of a battalion of Sikhs based at Dera Ismail Khan in the "Punjaub".

My g.g'father accompanied his son-in law on brigade manoeuvres. The miscellaneous native weaponry discovered in the attic (including a lightweight matchlock, which although worm-eaten survives) was presumably shipped home after this trip.

It includes a smoothbore percussion musket that appears to be of Russian manufacture. On the brass furniture there are stamped markings in Cyrillic- птв and (I think) цмс, together with the date '1849' and a serial number [N] 11129. In all but one instance, the numbers and letters are accompanied by the stamped symbol of what I would describe as a geologist's hammer.

A brief internet search suggests this might be an Russian M1845 smooth bore, based on a French model of 1842. It has the appropriate raised cheek piece on the inside of the butt. The '1849' is confusing. Is there a chance this might be a local copy made in the NWF region? I'm not sure what use a smooth bore musket might be in the land of the jezail and breechloader, ca 1900.. Perhaps that's why my g.gfather was able to acquire it as a souvenir, but this is not my AOE.

While I struggle to upload images, here is a summary of the markings:

Butt plate: 11129 птв [Hammer]‘T’ 184 190 [?]

Trigger guard plate: цмс [Hammer] ‘T’ 1849 89

Left Hand Firing assembly plate: 18 [Hammer]‘T’ 49 142 [?]

Barrel stamp ( at rear): N111[29?]

Rear barrel strap: --7[?]




Mid barrel strap and sling swivel: 119

1823 [?]


I should be grateful for any enlightenment.



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