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    What is it?


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    Alright chaps,

    I bought this a few years ago from overseas, despite not knowing what it was, but being fairly certain it was Masonic. It took me a little while to find out just what it is, and I'm now posing the same question to you. No prizes, but lots of fun in guessing....!

    If the picture is not too clear, the lettering on the jewel says "G.L.A.S.F." and "INDIA"



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    Have I got you all stumped? Or did I make it too easy and you're all too kind to embarrass me?:unsure:

    Will give the answer in a day or so, unless anyone has a burning desire to 'scoop' the top prize...

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    • 3 weeks later...

    As a wild guess I would say that it could represent 'Grand Lodge of All Scottish Freemasons in India'??

    I think that your 'wild' guess is as good as the person who gave me the original information :D .

    Thanks Allan.

    I think it unlikely that I shall be able to find anything with which to challenge you, which is a challenge in itself!


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