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    OK, there were a few views of the previous "What is it?", but no opinions yet (Go on - be brave!), so here's another in case that was too easy for you!

    This is a Masonic medal with Cyrillic script on both sides - possibly Russian? - I have found one reference to it, but would welcome any thoughts. There is a date of 1775 on there, but is that the date it was struck, or was that the date that was being commemorated by its issue?

    BTW, it's about 64mm dia. and appears to have a lighter coloured plating over a darker metal. If anyone would like a higher resolution scan than I can easily post, then please PM me.

    Good luck!


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    Guest Rick Research

    I am having trouble with the contrast making things fuzzy. It's pre-Revolution Russian, with the extra characters dropped after the Civil War in language reforms. The monument side is to the effect "We are silent and labor" with date "1775 Yr. April 6 day," but what is underneath I can't make out ("with God's..."), nor can I quite see what the letters are around the sun side, but that appears to be a wish "Enjoy prosperity!"

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    Your Russian is better than mine! As it would take me all night to find the right Cyrillic characters in Windows to elaborate on the various legends, I am enclosing in this post a copy of an entry from WTR Marvin's "Medals of the Masonic Fraternity" which is the only mention I have found of it (I think!). Top banana!!!!

    Any further elaboration would be welcome.




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    Well, Friends and Brethren,

    Doesn't that show the power and reach of this Forum?

    Within 24 hours of posting a picture of a medal - of which I only knew a little history - there is a translation of the Cyrillic script AND a communication from the Very Worshipful Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Russia. Thank you, Sir and Brother!

    I wouldn't wish to 'claim' him as a Member of our Forum, but you can see that our requests for information are spread far and wide and, in true Masonic style, answered promptly and authoritatively.

    Going for a lie down after all that excitement....

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