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Fake India Air Force Insignia?


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Hello, I pick these insignia off of ebay and the seller said that they are orginal but I found out that India has only had one Marshell of the Airforce since it's history. So my question is. Are these fake and if they are? Why would someone waste time faking Indian Military insignia?

Forgive me, I new to collceting Indian and Pakistan Militaria. I just want a small display of items from both nations.

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India has only one Marshal of the Indian Air Force, but there are many tailors and factories in India and Pakistan who can make these insignia.

It is likely these collar tabs are 'original', just as any of the dozens of collar tabs made by that number of factories is original. Which is, to say, these collar tabs meet with government specifications and can be issued for wear.

The only thing is, they were not worn by the Marshal himself.

They would not be 'wasting time' faking the insignia, because they already make them on a day-to-day basis. It would be just a matter of making more of the same thing to sell to collectors.

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