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Blueman - a lovely example of an officer's sabretache and for a famous regiment - the 16th Lancers.

Originally Light Dragoons their earlier Battle Honours are around the top part. In 1816 they were reorganised as a Lancer Regiment and became the

16th. They spent many years in India - mainly as a result of upsetting King George 4th. His wife was Queen Caroline - who he hated - and the 16th were the 'Queen's Own' and toasted her at every opportunity.

All of the Battle Honours are from their time in India - and the Afghanistan campaign was in 1839 and in support of the Hon. East India Company. The lower Honours are the Sikh campaigns. This dates the sabretache to an early period - certainly pre 1885 when they fought the Suakin campaign in Sudan.

Sabretaches were worn as decoration over the sword - but, their real purpose was as a map and document case. The back opened to make a waterproof compartment. I congratulate you on this lovely and rare item - for the leather a special leather preservative should be used to keep it supple. Value wise - hard to say - you should contact one of the London auction houses. I would not be surprised - with this early date if it

could achieve 2000 pounds - or, more. Please show a picture of the reverse to complete the picture.

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