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    just arrived brandenburg

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    awards kvk ek2 wb in black injuries 31 b handgrenade or mortar,25 skin disorders.pistole p38 20.07.45,few enries in krakou.now the strange thing is no home leave after 42 but a n entrie for what looks like skoda in 45 and paper work in russian so maybe pow he was in brandenburg div at one time but y skoda?

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    Guest Rick Research

    Scan the Russian right side up and larger please. Can't read it that size and sideways without hanging portions of my anatomy out the front window! :rolleyes::cheeky:

    Something from the Mayor of Berlin (in Russian) with location for that office... in the Tiergarten!

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    Guest Rick Research

    This is, I kid thee not, Official Permission on 4 September 1945 for Citizen (I always think of "The Scarlet Pimpernel" and Paris, 1793...) Fritz Albrecht, born 22.11.11 to ride his bicycle to and from work as a resident of Alt Moabit 137, Berlin NW 40.

    It--perhaps more important than HIM, the lucky LUCKY fellow-- was NOT to be nicked by the Red Army street patrols!

    So it is a BICYCLE Protection Pass!

    There is no indication on this what his work WAS, though.

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