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Marek Antoni Rusecki, Polish Air Force/RAF help needed

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I just got this 1945 tunic dated and named to F/L M. de Rusecki (Marek Antoni Rusecki). He was in the PAF as early as 1928 and was aviator number 88. He flew bombers and was in PAF squadron 216 at the start of the war. He escaped to Romanian Sept 8, 1939, first to Marseille and then to London. He started his RAF service with 300 squadron. His service history and squadron history gets a little murky from there. He stayed in the UK and became a naturalized citizen in 1949, living near Birmingham.

As you can see, one of the ribbons is missing. My guess is he probably qualified for aircrew europe and maybe one other theater/campaign ribbon. Don't know. Also, when he moved up the RAF wing to make room for his post war ribbons, he covered the hole where he had worn his polish wing. There is no evidence of him wearing Polish officer's insignia on the lapels but did have officer's Polish nationality titles, now missing. Fortunately I have a period pair. He is documented on the rolls for the Virtuti Militari 5th class.

A really nice and rare tunic to a Polish air officer. I also need to find the belt, which is now missing.

Any help would be most appreciated in terms of finding more info.





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Here is some of the research I have done.

I am not sure what rate he had in the PAF (don't know what section pilot was) but assume he got downgraded in RAF org scheme.

Marek Antoni de Rusiecki

Student in class XI, 1938 Dęblin Aviation Cadet School


Graduated 88th of that year



Section Pilot (ppor. pil.), 216 Bomber Squadron, 2nd Air Army

Stationed at Ice (09.01.1939 - 09.17.1939)

Flew PZL.37B and Fokker F.ViiB/3m

Flew to 220 bomb squadron on 9 Sept 1939 Małaszewicze Base

Fled to Romania, then to France, then to UK

1940 300 Squadron "Ziemi Mazowieckiej" Flight Lieutenant (podporucznik pilot)





Weather fine. Flying hours – 14.20.
Cross-country flights. A flight at 25,000 ft. by p/Off. M. Rusiecki. Instrument flying.
Link Trainer.

P-76654 F/L. Marek .A. RUSIECKI, Pilot


1944-11 - No. 301 Squadron - F540

1944-11-23 arrived at the Unit on posting from Home Establishment w.e.f. 20-11-44.



proceeded to the Bristol Aero-Engines School for a five day handling course on Bristol Hercules 100 engines.

Order of Virtuti Militari


Rusiecki - Marek Antoni - - por.pil. - PSZ - VM V kl. - 1939-45

London Gazette



Rusiecki, Marek Antoni de; Poland; Sales Representative ; Rodinghead, The Ridgway, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire. 28 June, 1949.

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