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belt plates etc

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what do the experts think

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If these came with the HLI shako - then you have done very well.

The set of three are cross belt plates for the shoulder ceremonial belt. I'm not sure about the two on the ends - however, the centre one

is the 1st Battalion the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders - the 91st of Foot. The others appear to have either a Ducal coronet or, an Earl's. This

could well link them with the Argyles - perhaps the officer had these whne he first joined. Needs looking up ?

The centre front plate of a dress waist belt is obviously, Victorian and with the Royal motto. The gilding and the oak leaves indicate that it was for

a senior officer. Perhaps it is the same man and he became a General ?

The Gordon Highlanders is your remaining officers waist belt.

For prices I think you should speak to Christies or, Bosley's in London. Mervyn

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for mervyns interest

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Kevin - thankyou for showing the details of his Regiment for the Buckle. I was hoping - for your sake - that as it doesn't have naming that it was for

a senior officer. The oak leaves seemed to indicate this.

However, it is nice that you have a history. With regard to labels , or, scraps of paper with possible service details - members should always tell

about them with the post. Helps to narrow the field and point us in the right direction for research.

Best wishes and I hope 2013 is as succesful for you . Mervyn

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The Center VR Waistplate was worn on the full dress girdle of all the Dragoon Guards regiments except the 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoons and the 1st (Royal) Dragoons. The 4th DG, the Royal Scots Greys and Inniskilling Dragoons had special patterns.

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