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I have just obtained what I presume may be an unofficial military competition award for a mounted unit?

The medal is sterling silver with hall marks noting manufacture by William Hair Haseler of Birmingham 1905. Medal measures 52 mm high by 32 mm wide. Appears to be a standard jewellers design medal.

Inscribed on front with "Bandolier Medal" on possibly a gold shield. On the back inscribed with "Won by Corp C Windram C.P.R. 16.10.07"

What I presume to be the unit abbreviation is not one found in New Zealand. Can anyone identify who "C.P.R." may be. And any information on Corp C Windram would be very helpful.

Regards Les from New Zeaalnd

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Hi - Les. Not sure who C.P.R. were - usually these medallions are shooting prizes. The shield is intended to be worn on the watch

chain and is called an "Albert' - after Queen Victoria's husband - Prince Albert.

Althought he inscription is for 1907, the hallmarks are for 1908 - it must have been given later. Usually, they are silver and either with

a gold part for the date or, given an overall gold finish. From the appearance id does look gold - however, I would expect to find a

9ct. mark.

I would say that "Bandolier' was the name of that part of the competition - a special prize. I doubt that it was intended to be part of a

bandolier. Did you buy this in NZ ?

I hope you are succesful in tracing the Unit - this should let you find out about Cpl. Windram. Mervyn

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Hi Mervyn

Thanks for the information. The medallion was part of a small lot of items picked up on a local New Zealand web auction site. See the photo for some of the other items. The seller couldn't supply any information on where the individual items came from.

The medallion may have been award in New Zealand to someone in one of the various volunteer units or possible brought to New Zeaalnd by an immigrant.

The medal has proved to be interesting, its an American Campaign medal for the Spanish American War of1898. I placed a posting on the America part of the site and been helped by two members with details of the recipient and on how to locate a replacement ribbon.

The other items are a RNZAF cap badge, a NZ Machine Gun Corps sweet heart badge made from a collar badge and an Australian returned from active service badge which has a serial number that I'm currently looking into. Altogether it's been an interesting little lot of items.

Regards Les

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I agree Les - one of those great little lots , that are small treasure troves. I like the Aust. Active Service - please let us know when you

identify him. What value do you think the NZ machine gun badge has - I would think quite high.

The 1898 Spanish American War caused great interest and many souvenirs were made , in addition to the military medals. The centre

piece on my dining room table was made by an American firm to commemorate the campaign. The figure is winged victory - NIKE -

holding a wreath. This was the origins of the sportswear firm Nike - and the raised arm with the wreath - created the 'tick' symbol that

they use. I f you have an interest I will add a picture.

One thing to consider - the US medal apart - the only name you have is on the shooting award. Perhaps these items are connected to him ? Mervyn

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