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    Looking for image/photo emblem 74th Fighter Sqd(Rider/Horse)


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    Hello , I'm seeking a good clear photo/image of the "Unofficial" emblem design used by the 74th Fighter Squadron during WW2(They were part of the 23rd FG , it is a round background with a cartoonish goofy looking pilot wearing leather flying helmet w/goggles and he's holding a 50 caliber machine gun along side his body and it's trailing a short ammo belt , the pilot is riding a goofy looking horse that is in full gallop .

    I have seen two blurry images of this design, one black and white of a sign type either wood/metal on the running board of an Army truck, the other a color photo of an actual Leather patch .

    If anyone knows of a good image and hopefully the colors to this emblem please contact me, I am willing to make them a Free leather patch of this emblem for their help if it is usable, thanks and I await your replies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    If you are talking about the 74th fighter squadron, USAAF.  They were established in the Far East (Flying Tigers), flying P-40 Warhawks, and later P-51 Mustangs. If you go to ashra.af.mil you can get an accurate patch.  By the way, they are still an active operational unit. They are currently flying A-10C Warthogs and F-16C Fighting Falcons. They are also based at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia.


    I hope that helps



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