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Medal for 10 years of the Republic 1918-1928 (silver 800) - more info please


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I have ''10 years anniversary medal'', or ''Erinnerungsmedaille'' of the Austrian First Republic, in solid silver 800/1000, with 3 hallmarks (''800'' for silver, ''BH'' for producer? and state mark for silver and for the city of production - ''W''-Vienna, as shown below on photo).

Unfortunately, I don't have any literature on Austrian post-WWI decorations and all I could find are few internet examples of some cheaper variants of this medal made of bronze (or silvered bronze). I must say, it's very surprising for me that there is so little information on this medal on the internet. I expected much more, to be honest.

So, these facts still remain unknown to me:

- who exactly issued this medal (state, or some organization, political party...), and to whom was it awarded (civilians, army, both...) ?

- Is this variant more rare than those made in bronze?

- is this variant made in silver known in any decorations-related sources, reference books, price guides, (auction) catalogues...?

I would be very thankful if someone could tell me more about this medal and this particular silver variant.




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