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    NJ Nat'l Guard

    Jerry T

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    I recently picked NJ National Guard medal. I cannot find any details anywhere. Does anyone here have any idea what it might be?

    The text reads: Winfield S Emmonds Guard (above) Elizabeth, NJ (below)

    The medal is silver with plain reverse. It cost me a staggering $5.00, so if it is worthless, it would be no big deal.

    Thanks, Jerry

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    There are so many of these obsolete National Guard medals out there that it would make a great book. I went through OMSA's image database for NJ state medals and didn't see this one... From my experience these types of medals were awarded by units to its members for attending drills - usually perfect attendance. I just picked up one to an artillery unit from the Pennsylvania National Guard (unfortunately my scanner is out of action).

    I also see what appears to be "C.A" and crossed cannons in the center medallion, which leads me to believe this is related to a Coast Artillery unit.

    Curiously, I found reference to a "Emmons, Winfield S. - 2nd Lieutenant, Company F, 2nd Infantry" serving in the NJ National Guard in 1916. No idea if that has any bearing on the topic. Although, I have seen NG attendance awards "named" to honor significant figures in state NG's. It's possible this is a later - 30s/40s - medal that somehow is related to Emmons in his later career. Ironically, NJ was one of the last states to set-up coast artillery units in its National Guard (in the 1920s I believe), despite being a coastal state with key ports. Again, no idea what that means - if anything - to your medal.

    Not bad for a fin in my opinion. I think it's worth that just for the fun of trying to find something out about the medal.

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