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    US Army DUI Question


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    I have about 100 US Army DUI's (Distinctive Unit Insignias).


    I have many that are duplicates. Realizing they were worn on both shoulders, is there more value having both verses just one?


    Unfortunately many of the posts on the back have been broken off so the DUIs could be displayed in a book. Obviously, value is lost on these. Realizing that "value is in the eye of the beholder", is there a market for these, either as traders or selling them?

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    Question 1: Actually, there are cases where only one DUI is worn. A) Over right pocket of Service Dress to indicate regimental or corps affiliation; B) On the flash of the beret for enlisted personnel. So, having only one could also make sense. However, there are some DUIs that have both a left and a right - for example, my profile photo is my regiment's DUI - the 6th Artillery. There is both a left facing and a right facing insignia - so that worn on the shoulders the arrows point forward. In these cases, I think a pair is more "collectible."

    Question 2: Matter of preference, I think. I would buy only complete with clutch pin, pin back, or screw back. No "cut offs" for me... But that's my preference. Relative value would then depend on the buyer's preference. A "cut off" pin would only be a filler to me and therefore, a much lower value. But for someone looking to display as you state, then you could find a market. In general though, I think majority would prefer complete DUIs.

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