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    Dragon of Annam

    Bernhard H.Holst

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    Hello readers.

    This order is placed under France because it was awarded by both the then Emperor of Vietnam as well as the President of France. These are differentiated by the ribbons and the one shown is the French version. Of note is the finely crafted medaillion and the well made dragon. No maker present.

    BTW: the ribbon color scheme of yellow-green is also present on the campaign medals for Tonkin-Annam and China 1883-1885, the campaign medal for China 1900-1901 and the one for the French phase in the Indochina conflict 1945 - 1954. The latter also has a dragon included.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    Very interesting decoration. The dragon is particularly impressive.

    I found limited info regarding details Google. Perhaps you can provide more insight on the award criteria, rarity, etc?

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    Hello Rick.

    I have no information regarding award criteria. Military and civilian personnel were eligible. Instituted around 1886 and discontinued by France in the early 1950's. it comprised 5 classes.I have never knowingly encountered anyone while on duty in Vietnam who wore it.

    It is a bit of a stepchild it seems. Googling " green dragon of Annam' may bring better results.

    The house of the former emperor Bao Dai is still awarding this order for charitable and other good deeds.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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