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    Mystery Victorian Wallet or Pouch

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    Dear All,

    I spotted this on the US eBay site, and couldn't resist it. It is a little soft leather wallet or pouch with a white-metal spring catch, and a gusset in one side-seam, bearing the Royal Arms of Queen Victoria blind-stamped into the flap. It is 5" x 7.75" - about the size of a paperback book. Is it diplomatic? Military? Private property of the Queen? Has anyone ever seen one before? Does anyone know what it was for? If not, would you like to take a guess? ;)


    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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    Thanks for that, Mervyn. It is not quite wide enough for the size of the official paperwork of the time (foolscap folded across its width twice), and there is no obvious method of mounting it on a belt or strap - the back has no loops or hooks, nor any sign that any were ever present. The spring-clip would make it uncomfortable to carry in an inside pocket. I have no idea!

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