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    Model 1867 Prussian Officer's Schirmmütze

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    Hello all,


    I generally do not collect German militaria, but I have always been fascinated by the Wars of Unification, and when I recently saw a Model 1867 Schirmmütze for sale on eBay I threw in a bid. Much to my surprise I won it, and at somewhat below my max bid. It's item 371301751963 if you are curious.


    It is named to a "Frhr. V. Pöllnitz." German Wikipedia (ref. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pölnitz_(Adelsgeschlecht)) says a Cabinet Order of 4 April 1885 changed the spelling of the name to "Pölnitz," which means this cap must date to between 1867 and 1885, and given its style, I think on the earlier end of that frame. I imagine if I can identify which Pollnitz owned this cap, and when he inherited his title, I could date it more specifically. The auction claimed he served as a Major in the 72nd Infantry Regiment and was from the Thür region of Germany.


    Can anyone recommend what I would need to do in order to hunt down more information on this Pöllnitz? Does anyone have any more information on this type of cap? Anyone have any others to share?


    Also enclosed are snaps from the auction. Happy to provide more if there is interest when the item is in hand. The image of von Moltke is in the public domain. I am trying to figure out how to display this along with my favorite Vanity Fair print of Moltke (captioned "modern strategy"), some period binos and beautiful Kreigskarte I have, which some poor orderly spent ages cutting up and pasting on linen backing (sadly for it shows exercise grounds in South Germany--but who can tell?).








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