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    Help with pictures - Musicians & Sailors

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    Once more I really would like to have your help in order to translate the writing of these new postcards.

    The first one depicts what appears to be musicians (but well armed anyway) - but I might be wrong, anyway.


    picture 01 - back.jpg

    picture 01 - front.jpg

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    Second picture is from 1912 and shows sailors from the II Torpedo Division posing with their Luger P04 (aka Navy Luger).

    Crispy image. But, as above, wonder what is written...

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    picture 02 - front.jpg

    picture 02 - back.jpg

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    Hello Douglas.

    The first card's inscription is difficult to read because of handwriting and also position of card ( tough to read sideways and I am unable to print the enlarged version). It is apparently expressing wishes for the wounded recipient's recovery and hopes for a special recovery leave. The date stamped being November 1914 establishes this as fairly early in the war. While musicians appear in the photo displaying trumpets ( audible signals being used ) all personnel shown seem to fulfill a combat role . A cavalry H.Q. group based on the specialties involved ( musicians, farrier, medic etc). They have on display French pistols, a kepi and what looks like a map indicating some successful action just concluded. Plus a recently bestowed Iron Cross 2nd class.

    The Navy inscription is as follows:

    Dear Uncle and Aunt.

    I am sending a photography. It is a picture of my room mates. To commemorate the end of our infantry training which we completed last Saturday. Nothing new  otherwise .

    With many greetings to all of you I remain your nephew, Adolf.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    Hello Douglas.

    This helped and here is the translation:

    My dear cousin.

    Received your package which really pleased me, heartfelt thanks. It also pleased me to hear of your near recovery. Hopefully you will receive a special recovery leave to....? ( must be the name of the locale )

    I have the honor to tell you of my receiving the Iron Cross today.

    I will also write today to your sister... ( name but cannot read ).

    Auf Wiedersehen. Greetings a thousand times.

    Your cousin Josef L.. Uffz.d.Res.

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