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    1914 French Dragoon Lancer of the 11th Regiment


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    This is the first of six 1/16th scale mounted lancers to be completed.  All of them have been sculpted and assembled and are just waiting for painting.  [I don't paint!]  This was also the first one I sculpted started last October.  The horse, head and hands came from various kits.  The horse came from a Verlinden Napoleonic kit.  I removed all the Napoleonic saddle, blanket, bridle, etc. and cut out all the interior of the horse to reduce weight on the back legs.  Then I resculpted the appropriate saddle and other equipment on the horse piece by piece.  Basically I finished almost all of the horse before even starting the figure.  The Verlinden Napoleonic dragoon's head was modified a bit.  The rest was sculpted using a mix of air-drying Kneadatite and MagicSculpt.  The lance is a piece of brass with a sculpted blade on one end and a sculpted holder bit on the other.  I added a holder for the lance on one of the stirrups and modified a kit rifle to made the Berthier carbine fitted into the rifle bucket. 

    When assembled, the horse and figure were painted by Luis G. Ibanez, a very talented Spanish painter.  He regularly posts to and is a forum member on www.Planetfigure.com.  Finally I added the groundwork over the past three days.

    Hope you like it!

    All the best,











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